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The Rascal Swing Band

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The Rascal Swing Band is one of Denmark's best bet on a new and refreshing String Swing Orchestra

Although the band is quite new, the members are all known from other bands famous in Denmark such as Lillian Boutté, Burich-L'etienne N.O Ensemble, P.S Swing Band and many others. In these constellations, the band's musicians have performed at festivals and clubs in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, New Zealand, USA, Mexico etc.


The music is happy and outgoing swing music that entertains, but never compromise on quality. With roots in the 30s and 40s music and inspired by names such as the Danish violinist Svend Asmussen, Django Reinhardt, Louis Armstrong and Benny Goodman the band creates a gripping concert. Good and well-known melodies, a solid swing and intense solos form a fascinating and breathtaking experience and ensures a happy and satisfied audience.

The Rascal Swing Band can play concerts in small jazz clubs, big festival scenes, receptions and everything in between.


In the 2012/13 season The Rascal Swing Band appeared on numerous jazz clubs and festivals in Denmark and Norway, for example. 6 July Jazz Festival in Fredericia, Aarhus Jazz Festival, Ringkøbing Fjord Jazz Festival, Arendal-week in Norway, Sæby Jazz Festival, Sct. Jørgens Jazz Club in Naestved, Ringsted Summer Jazz, Skive Jazz Club, Aarhus Festival Week and many others. The concerts have received lot of compliments by the audience, organizers and press. Read more under "recommendations".

In addition, the band has performed at a number of private events such as receptions and company parties.



  • Lasse

    Lasse Høj Jakobsen - vocals/violin

    Lasse is best known as a violinist, but in The Rascal Swing Band he also demonstrates his great ability as a singer. His expressive violin playing moves within the style that Django Reinhardt and Stephan Grapelli created with the legendary band Hot Club de France mixed with a dash of blue inspired by Stuff Smith.


  • Kwella

    Jens Christian Kwella - leadguitar

    Kwella is known for his equilibristic and swinging guitar playing. He is known from a variety of contexts and has won numerous critical acclaims. At Aarhus Jazz Festival 2012 the critics wrote about his playing: "Tremendously accomplished with many fine details. Elegant, delicious and technically well executed. "(Lars Borup, Jazzfest.dk)
    Kwella is also an associate professor in guitar, ensemble and music theory at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus Denmark. - kwella.dk

  • Jon

    Jon Noe - rhythm guitar

    Jon, is together with Torben the backbone of the band's swinging sound. He is one of those rare guitarists, dedicated solely to playing rhythm guitar and he has made ​​it his specialty. He plays on a genuine gypsy guitar. Listening to his crisp guitar accompaniment is like hearing Django's own backing band.

  • Torben

    Torben Bjørnskov - bass

    Torben is the solid base of the orchestra. Not many bassists can as he play both swinging accompaniment and virtuosic solos. He is a much sought after bass player in Denamrk and abroad. In the last years he has recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studio and appeared in many of the major festivals, including North Sea Jazz Festival.


  • ¨String music from the top drawer."

    ¨It was swing strings in the best sense of the word, delivered effortlessly and elegantly by four talented musicians. With a twinkle in the eye and great skill by the violinist and singer Lasse Høj Jakobsen and guitarist Jens Christian Kwella. The rock solid bass player Torben Bjørnskov and Jon Noe on rhythm guitar really made it swing in a relaxed and laid back way.
    Elegant music with a good deal of great humor added, made sure the audience had a really lovely evening.¨

    E. Grønholdt, newspaper “Dagbladet Sjællandske”, May 2013
  • ¨It was a great pleasure to have you at the festival: Very high quality and great joy of playing that really spreads beyond the stage :-)!
    It will not be the last time we book you.¨

    Inger Grund Petersen, Sæby Jazz Festival, May 2013
  • ¨I heard only positive things about your music.¨
    ¨The audience listened, they clapped, they did not talk so much. They were completely occupied with your music. It was excellent. And you were a bunch of really likeable Jutlanders that we would like to see again soon.¨
    ¨I will recommend you highly.¨

    Ole Iversen, Sct. Jørgens Jazz Club, Næstved May 2013
  • ¨It was a pleasure to listen to The Rascal Swing Band. I got incredibly positive feedback on your concert at Cafe Helmuth, so I hope we can work something out another time.¨

    Ole Østerby, Skive Jazz Club March 2013
  • ¨Thanks for the great concert!¨

     ¨You delivered a great concert Sunday and there was incredible good atmosphere at the venue :-).¨
    ¨Thank you for taking the trip here!¨

    Hilde Lona, Arendals week, Norway, August 2013
  • "The Rascal Swing Band again delivered a joyful afternoon at "Hos Anders ", with good music and high spirits."

    Newspaper Aarhus Stiftstidende, November 2012
  • ¨Yes, they are cool pictures, and the cash register also proved the success, so I will remember that for the future !¨ 

    Jørgen Nielsen, Aarhus Jazz Club, November 2012
  • "Thank you so much for your performance at Skovmøllen. It was really nice and popular. "
    Lars Borup, The Jazz Company Aarhus, December 2012
  • "Jazz Music for all ages"

    "Guests at the Cafe Helmuth enjoyed themselves extremely well with The Rascal Swing Band. "

    J. La Cour, Newspaper “”Skive Folkeblad", March 2013
  • "You guys are killing it.  I am a Swing DJ here in CT USA. I am loving your music.  I would love to promote your music and sound. 
    Would you mind if I played exactly like you on my radio show? You guys need a CD ASAP. :-)  Happy Holidays."

    Will Reed, Swing DJ, Conneticut USA, december 2012

Jens Christian Kofod Kwella

Højtoftevej 31, Tebstrup,

8660 Skanderborg

+45 40 93 10 67



  • Dato:Tid:Sted:
  • 13-11-201613:00Huset Aalborg, feat. Mary Jean
  • 27-10-201613:00Aarhus Jazzklub, Feat Mary Jean
  • 17-09-201617:00Aabenraa Jazzfestival
  • 13-08-201600:00Sildajazz (NO)
  • 12-08-201600:00Sildajazz (NO)
  • 11-08-201600:00Sildajazz (NO)
  • 10-08-201600:00Sildajazz (NO)
  • 07-07-201612:00Jazz på Torvet, Ebeltoft
  • 26-03-201612:00Rømø Jazzklub
  • 05-03-201612:00Jazzsmedien, Varde
  • 03-03-201620:00Underværket, Randers
  • 20-02-201613:00Haderslev Jazzklub, Månen
  • 06-02-201620:00Brønshøj Jazzklub
  • 23-01-201620:00Manesjen, Stavanger Vintage Jazz
  • 23-01-201613:00No 28, Stavanger Vintage Jazz (NO)
  • 22-01-201616:00Dickens, Stavanger Vintage Jazz (NO)
  • 12-12-201512:00Fredericia Jazzklub
  • 05-12-201511:00Riverside Jazz Club, Nykøbing F
  • 28-11-201511:30Skanderborg Kulturhus
  • 27-11-201520:00Hornbæk Jazzklub
  • 14-11-201522:00Varna Aarhus, privat arr.
  • 07-11-201510:00Strøget Aarhus, LO
  • 16-10-201520:00Rømø Jazzklub
  • 11-10-201514:00Brøndby Jazzklub, "Kilden"
  • 19-09-201517:00Åbenrå Jazzfestival
  • 29-08-201512:00Jazz på Torvet, Ebeltoft
  • 22-08-201512:00Kolding Cityforening, Feat Nikolaj Bøgelund
  • 08-08-201522:00Lothes Bar, Sildajazz (NO)
  • 07-08-201522:00Lothes Bar, Sildajazz (NO)
  • 07-08-201513:00Havnaberg eldresenter, Sildajzz (NO)
  • 06-08-201522:00TBA, Sildajazz (NO)
  • 06-08-201511:00Bjørgene sykehjem, Sildajazz (NO)
  • 05-08-201521:3005.08.2015 Cafe Rene, Sildajazz (NO)
  • 05-08-201516:0005.08.2015 Dokken, Sildajazz (NO)
  • 01-08-201522:00Ærø Jazzfestival, K34 - Marstal
  • 01-08-201513:30Ærø Jazzfestival, Ærøskøbing
  • 25-07-201516:15Kanal Jazz, Løgstør
  • 18-06-201511:00Skt Knuds Torv Aarhus, Valgarrangement
  • 15-05-201520:30Fanø Jazzklub
  • 24-04-201511:00Laursen Grafisk, Tønder
  • 28-03-201511:00Gimle, Lørdagsjazzen i Roskilde
  • 01-11-201413:00Hos Anders, Aarhus Jazzklub
  • 06-09-201412:00Kolding Cityforening, feat. Nikolai Bøgelund
  • 23-08-201412:00Jazz på torvet, Ebeltoft
  • 25-07-201419:00Ribe Jazz Festival
  • 19-07-201416:00Ebsens Hotel, Maribo Jazzfestival
  • 19-07-201412:30Apotekerhaven, Maribo Jazzfestival
  • 18-07-201415:30Bispetorv, Aarhus Jazzfestival
  • 04-07-201414:00Hejren - privat party
  • 28-06-201421:00Privat venue, Middelfart
  • 09-02-201413:00Ishøj Kultur Cafe
  • 08-02-201413:00Haderslev Jazclub
  • 01-02-201414:00Stavanger Jazzfestival(No) feat Nik.Bøgelund
  • 31-01-201419:00Stavanger Jazzfestival(No) feat Nik.Bøgelund
  • 23-11-201312:00Rampelyset, Frokostjazzen Silkeborg
  • 04-09-201312:00Jazz og Folkteltet, Aarhus Festuge
  • 24-08-201312:00Jazz på Torvet, Ebeltoft
  • 11-08-201320:00Jazzcafe No9, Arendal, Norge
  • 10-08-201316:00Ringkøbing Jazzfestival feat. Finn Odderskov
  • 10-08-201310:30Sommerjazz i Skive feat. Finn Odderskov
  • 17-07-201316:00Telefontorvet, Aarhus Jazzfestival
  • 16-07-201319:00Cafe Panorama, Aarhus Jazzfestival
  • 13-07-201311:00Torvet, Ringsted Sommerjazz
  • 06-07-201314:006. Juli Jazz, Fredericia
  • 18-05-201318:30Sæby Jazzfestival, Havnen
  • 18-05-201312:15Sæby Jazzfestival, Torvet.
  • 17-05-201320:00Sct. Jørgens Jazzklub, Næstved
  • 04-05-201316:00Privat arr., Schæffergården, Gentofte
  • 19-04-201320:00Skanderborg Kulturhus
  • 16-03-201311:00Skive Jazzklub - Cafe Helmuth
  • 02-12-201215:00Skovmøllen - Jazzselskabet Aarhus
  • 03-11-201213:00Hos Anders - Aarhus Jazzklub


The Rascal Swing Bands New CD "When You're Smiling" featuring contagious joy of playing, equilibristic solos and charming interpretations of swing music's greatest classics. 

The band celebrates the joy of music and the pleasure of experiencing musicians who actually play their instruments themselves. Completely free from computers, machinery or other musical E-numbers and additives. 

The CD includes new interpretations of swing music's greatest classics with tracks like "When You're Smiling," "All Of Me" and "On the Sunny Side of the Street". The bands gypsy jazz-inspired lineup makes the music swing effortlessly and the brilliant solos is the final icing on the cake. The music is reminiscent of Django Reinhardt and Svend Asmussen's groups from the 30's and 40's. 

It is difficult to remain pessimistic when you press play and listen to The Rascal Swing Band.

The album is available in Europe through:


For availability in other locations please contact kwella@mail.tele.dk

The album is also available as a digital download through the iTunes Music Store:



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